Marco Stronati

o_O Working on Privacy Enhancing TechnologieS while keeping at bay the fear of societal collapse from climate change.


I joined Matter Labs as Senior Research Scientist in the research team lead by Ben Livshits.

Short Bio

Since 2020 I lead together with cryptographer Marc Beunardeau a distributed team of 10 incredibly talented engineers in the development of a validity rollup called Epoxy and its zero-knowledge proving system called aPlonk.

Since 2018 I’m a Software Engineer at Nomadic Labs working on the Tezos project. My work on Tezos included the integration of privacy-preserving transactions, the shepherding of protocol update Edo and the integration of the formally verified cryptographic library HACL* (among many other things).

In 2017 I was a Post-Doc at INRIA Paris working on secure compilation with Catalin Hritcu in the Prosecco Team. In 2016 I was a Post-Doc at Cornell Tech (NYC) working on Membership Inference (a form of Adversarial Machine Learning) with Vitaly Shmatikov and Reza Shokri. In 2015 I got my PhD at LIX, École Polytechnique, France working on differential privacy for geolocation data supervised by Catuscia Palamidessi and Konstantinos Chatzikokolakis.